Eric Bibb in our Living Room

Eric Bibb has a Patreon – and it’s amazing. He’s long been one of my favourite Blues singers and guitarists – and we never miss a chance to see him live. It’s not just his music, sublime though that is – he has an incredible personal warmth to him. I still have fond memories of the first gig of his we went to – when he came on stage and smiled, I’d swear that every single person in that audience felt that he was their personal friend.

So when I found out (a little late) that he’d started a Patreon, for which he was putting out weekly “mini-concerts”, subscribing was a no-brainer. It’s hard to put into words how special these concerts are – it’s just Eric Bibb, sometimes with his wife Ulrika – and they’re a combination of music, Eric’s commentary on that music, it’s history and meaning – and every concert we play feels like we have this extraordinary special guest in our living room.

I thought they’d be good – but I wasn’t prepared for just how special they were. At the time I subscribed he’d already amassed about six hours of viewing / listing, and it’s growing every week. If you like Eric Bibb’s music, and need some wonderful entertainment to enjoy in or out of lockdown, I just can’t recommend this one enough.  

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