Joshuaphile Times 2

Many many years ago, I wrote a slightly post called Joshuaphile, based on the fact that I had quite a few versions of Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (by any number of names) – and how they were mostly quite wildly different from each other. I’ve often wondered about playing a set where I stuck to different versions of exactly same song… so I put together an 8track of eight different versions.

Anyway – 8track has long gone, and now I have a whole lot more versions of Joshua. So here’s Joshuaphile take 2 (or times 2) – with double the number of Joshuas, and using MixCloud, which doesn’t look like going anywhere any time soon. I’m sure everyone has long been harbouring a burning desire to listen to sixteen different versions of Joshua in one stretch – so finally, after the fold you can do exactly that!

Joshua (Straycat Edit)Ralph FlanaganRalph Flanagan seemed to like recording versions of this track, and many different speeds, all ruined by a horrible fanfare. Here’s one of the faster ones, with the fanfare (as usual) surgically removed.
JerichoBen Webster (Cozy Cole Allstars)Probably the closest of these in style to proper swing. 
JoshuaBobby McFerrinModern, weird, wonderful – performed as only Bobby McFerrin can perform it.
Joshua Fit De Battle of JerichoJan SavittA wonderful vocal-based take from the forties
Joshua Fit De Battle of JerichoGospel Classics SingersA more modern, full-on gospel take. Of what is, after all, a gospel tune.
Joshua Fit De Battle of JerichoSpike Hughes and His Dance OrchestraA great version for Balboa…. right up until the point it turns into a drag blues track for the ending. Which, to be fair, probably still works for Balboa
Joshua Fit De Battle Of JerichoKid OryIf there’s just two versions that a swing dancer is familiar with, here’s one of them.
Joshua Fit the Battle of JerichoBig MaybelleA dramatic bluesy gospel version from the always-amazing Big Maybelle
Joshua Fit The BattleGordon WebsterOne of my favourite Gordon Webster tracks – a wonderful live performance back in the days when he was really aiming to play proper swing.
Joshua Fit the Battle of JerichoThe Kenny Davern TrioAnother more modern take – long, but keeps ringing the changes and evolving throughout.
Joshua Fit The Battle Of JerichoEarl ThomasFor a complete change of pace – Earl Thomas with a slow bluesy take.
Joshua Fit The Battle Of JerichoKid Ory & His Creole Jazz BandThe less-well-known of Kid Ory’s versions (probably because of the sound quality) – but my favourite of his. 
Joshua Fit the Battle of JerichoSidney BechetIf there’s just one version that a swing dancer knows, it’s going to be Sidney Bechet’s
Joshua Fit The Battle of JericoMahalia JacksonAnother of the slow bluesy entries – fire and brimstone, with maybe a teensy touch of tango.
JerichoClarence WilliamsI do have a soft spot for many of Clarence Williams’ gospel offerings – there’s a sound, energy and rhythmic style that’s incredibly hard to beat.
JoshuaDick WellstoodA slow-building take – also one of the more modern ones – but one of the first I ever collected. Love this one.

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