100 Most-DJ’d Swing Tracks: 10 – 1

It’s been a long ten weeks, putting together this set of blog posts – and I can barely believe I’ve reached the end of it. Here then, is the last installment. As ever, all the songs can be heard on a MixCloud mix, and on my now complete(ish) Spotify list. Enjoy!

I’ve also created a Spotify playlist to host all the tracks (or all the ones i can find on Spotify anyway) – and each week, I’ll keep adding the tracks for the week. You can find it here!

  Track Artist Album Time BPM Plays
10 Six Appeal (My Daddy Rocks Me) Benny Goodman;Charlie Christian;Benny Goodman Sextet Guitar & Bass 3:18 145 185
  In case you haven’t spotted the similarity between My Daddy Rocks me and Six Appeal, they are, in fact, the same song. Six Appeal is simply a lot faster, and purely instrumental -and both can be great fun to dance to.

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9 I Like Pie, I Like Cake Four Clefs Roots, Volume 2 the 1930’s 2:44 151 189
  When I first started DJing, one of the first things I did was find everyone’s lists of overplayed songs, and buy them all – on the basis that if they were worth overplaying, they were definitely worth playing. Which probably explains why I played this one quite so much before I found the Jetter-Pillars version.

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8 Banana Split For My Baby – Louis Prima Louis Prima The Best Of 2:32 138 191
  I’m afraid the top ten list will be very heavy on the “classic overplayed” songs. Here’s another.

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7 Study In Red Larry Clinton Studies In Clinton 3:15 166 197
  Steve Coombs of Shirt Tail Stompers’ fame pointed out to me recently that Study in Red is perhaps the ultimate riff tune – almost no solos, just riff after riff after riff, which just build and build and build. For all that, it’s still a great song.

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6 Till Tom Special Lionel Hampton The Complete Lionel Hampton Victor Sessions 1937-1941 3:23 160 207
  A heavy, heavy groove, written by Lionel Hampton and Benny Goodman, and a great, solid, dependable dance tune.

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5 Gimme A Pigfoot LaVern Baker Precious Memories / LaVern Sings Bessie Smith 3:09 120 210
  A Bessie Smith classic. Many many years ago, after DJing this, one of the (very well known) international teachers came up, asked me what it was, then told me repeatedly that it was a “***ink amazing track”…. (happy times)

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4 Hallelujah I Love Him So Ella Fitzgerald Twelve Nights in Hollywood 2:19 140 215
  All Ella’s vocal talent and timing is on display here, which makes this version an utter joy to listen to and dance to.

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3 On Revival Day LaVern Baker Precious Memories / LaVern Sings Bessie Smith 3:16 143 222
  Another of Lavern Baker’s wonderful Bessie Smith covers.

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2 Hoodle Addle Ray McKinley Ray McKinley And His Orchestra 1946-49 2:43 146 230
  Ray McKinley was one of the great swing era drummers – playing a great deal with WIll Bradley and contributing hugely to Jimmy Dorsey’s, as well as his own orchestra.

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1 Joshua (Straycat Edit) Ralph Flanagan & His Orchestra Devil’s Holiday 2:44 134 264
  I’ve always loved the many, many versions of Joshua – but this one is a great version, completely ruined by a trumpet fanfare that keeps coming back to spoil the day for anyone trying to dance to it. It’s the first edit I ever did, because I can’t bear to play it without removing that fanfare. The Spotify version will, of course, have the fanfare in. The MixCloud one is my own special edit.

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Footnote: – For anyone who doesn’t know the term, BPM is short for Beats Per Minute, and is a standard way for DJs to measure track speed.

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  1. Jon Turps said:

    Thanks for posting these – a great chance to benefit from all your hard work!

    Found a few new avenues to explore, can’t wait to play for a live room again, can’t come soon enough…

    Oct 24th, 2020

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