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Blues DJing Music Top 100

Blues DJing Music Top 100

Blues DJing Music Top 100

As we have at least ten weeks of lockdown to enjoy, it occurred to me to do a series of posts of my most-DJ’d music in both swing and blues– so I’m starting a weekly series of posts, where each week I’ll post another ten tracks from my most-played lists. Here’s the first ten blues tracks to get things started. 

Blues DJing Music Top 100

This year marked my third year DJing at the wonderful Chase Festival, and my second as DJ coordinator. As ever, I had an absolutely blast.

This set list was requested by a few people – and please accept my apologies for posting a little later than I’d intended.

This year, there were two fantastic Chase after-parties, on the Friday and Saturday nights, and to cut a long story short, on one of the late night venues, while a Lindy room was rocking it upstairs, downstairs some blues happened. I’d had a small equipment crisis, and mislaid some of my sound gear – luckily it was found the following day – so I was DJing “blind” – and couldn’t preview anything. This set, in consequence, consisted of a whole bunch of my blues favourites – so there will be some overlap with earlier setlists, but I hope you all find it useful nonetheless. Enjoy!

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