Music of the Moment #3

Yet again, it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve pushed out an update on here. I actually have several half-written posts, but things have been a touch busy at our end, and I never seem to get the head-space to finish.

At this moment, for example, I’m dividing my attention between sorting out some new music, trying (and so far failing) to edit a performance track down by a couple of minutes, and working on our DJam 2012 registration forms.

So clearly, this is the ideal moment to push out a quick post. This time, I thought I’d go for a blues ‘Music of the Moment’ – this is a beautifully gentle version of Nina Simone’s wonderful “Do I Move You”, by the wonderful Janiva Magness, that is matching my mood perfectly.

I’m collecting an increasing amount of of great from Janiva Magness – and I highly recommend checking out some of her music – you can take a look at her website here, and the usual suspects (Amazon / eMusic / iTunes) carry her albums.


Do I Move You

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