100 Most-DJ’d Blues Tracks: 80 – 71

Week 4 of lockdown brings week 3 of this series. I’m sure that made sense at some point. Anyway – we’re onto tracks 80-71 in my Most DJ’d Blues Tracks weekly countdown.

As I’ve been DJing since 2007, and have had a pretty steep learning curve in that time, this will probably throw up some bizarre choices and guilty secrets. Where possible, I’ll put in links where you can listen to the tracks.

These are not necessarily my all-time favourite tracks, though it’s probably not far off it, and I can’t promise they’re all the best blues dance tracks ever. They’re just the ones I’ve played the most over the last thirteen years.
I’ve created a Spotify playlist to host all the tracks (or all the ones on Spotify anyway) – so each week, I’ll add the tracks for the week. You can listen to it here!

  Track Artist Album Time BPM Plays
80 Nobody’s Fault But Mine Eric Bibb Booker’s Guitar 2:11 125 18
  Another Booker’s Guitar entry from Eric Bibb. The first time I heard of this song, it was sung by Jimmy Paige – and naively, I assumed he wrote it – not realising the original was recorded by Blind Willie Nelson some fifty years earlier.

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79 Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl Hadda Brooks I’ve Got News For You 3:27 82 18
  Beautiful version of a classic from Hadda Brooks “Queen of the Boogie” – amazing singer and boogie-inspired pianist. Check out this gorgeous clip of her singing in the Bogart film: “In a Lonely Place” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpPoBroNGdM&t=53

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78 Mother Earth Susie Arioli Band That’s for Me 3:04 68 18
  Slow and soulful – for those still moments when everything wants something calm, chilled out and undemanding

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77 I Want To Be Loved (Album) Muddy Waters The Essence Of Muddy Waters 2:29 108 18
  Muddy Waters was a blues legend. This is one of his classics. Enough said.

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76 Good Morning Schoolgirl Junior Wells & Buddy Guy Hoodoo Man Blues 3:56 77 18
  Great song, catchy, cheerful, jaunty…. just don’t listen to the lyrics, because they’re a classic reminder of why you’d want to keep your daughter away from any blues musicians.

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75 Rock My Soul Louis Armstrong Louis And The Good Book 2:58 82 20
  Louis could sing just about anything, and make it sound incredible. And slow gospel can be wonderful for blues. I’m not sure blues dancing 100% appropriate response to gospel, but it’s just so good…

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74 Mellow Down Easy Little Walter At His Best 2:47 94 20
  I’m actually amazed this came up on the list – partly because I can only remember playing it twice. Fast blues. Great (and tricky) tribal rhythms, plus Little Walther’s signature harmonica. A club DJ once told me that if you put a club beat to this track, you’d have a massive hit on your hands. I decided never to play him any more music. Silly DJ.

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73 I’m A Natural Born Lover Muddy Waters The Muddy Waters Collection Vol. 3 2:54 106 20
  Another Muddy classic. If you think you can spot a theme in his songs… you’re probably right.

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72 Elijah Rock Earl Thomas Plantation Gospel 4:21 124 20
  More blues great bluesy gospel goodness

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71 Tramp Lowell Fulson Tramp/Soul 3:07 111 21
  Mostly this is is Lowell Fulson having a conversation with you to an awesome funky beat. And you just… can’t… stop… grooving… to it. Party blues.

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