100 Most-DJ’d Swing Tracks: 30 – 21

Third last instalment below the fold. Including the MixCloud link for you to listen to it all.

I’ve also created a Spotify playlist to host all the tracks (or all the ones i can find on Spotify anyway) – and each week, I’ll keep adding the tracks for the week. You can find it here!

  Track Artist Album Time BPM Plays
30 Walk’ Em Buddy Johnson The Walk ’em Rhythm Band 2:52 135 132
A cracking little jump blues from Buddy Johnson

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29 Afternoon Of A Moax Charlie Barnet Charlie Barnet 3:23 132 134
A “moax” is forties slang for a loser. Why that inspired such a great song is something I can’t really answer.

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28 The Goon Came On (GG) Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra The Complete Jimmie Lunceford Decca Sessions [Disc 6] 2:22 144 135
One of my favourite Lunceford tracks – also, very hard to find. I still haven’t figured out what a “goon” is.

No Preview Found
27 Between 18th And 19th On Chestnut Street Charlie Barnet Swing Street Strut Vol.2 2:55 135 138
Another Charlie Barnet classic, with vocals from Mary Ann McCall.

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26 24 Robbers Pugsley Buzzard Chicago Typewriter 2:38 159 139
A lot slower than Fats Waller’s – and very distinctive – Pugsley Buzzard’s style is best described as somewhere between Fats Waller and Tom Waits.

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25 Its Tight Like That Jimmy Noone The Complete Recordings, Vol.1 CD 2 2:47 143 143
I just love Jimmy Noone – and this is probably my favourite of the many many Tight Like That versions you’ll find out there.

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24 Miss Martingale Hot Lips Page Complete Jazz Series 1944 – 1946 3:23 138 145
This used to be a go-to song for something relaxing, gentle and undemanding to give a, overworked dance floor a chance to recover – and it has a nice energy build to it, which makes it a good track to use at the start of a wave.

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23 I’m In Sharp When I Hit The Coast Big Joe Turner All The Classic Hits 1938 – 1952 3:01 151 146
One of the original Blues shouters, Big Joe Turner was known earlier in his career as the “singing barman” – from his dual role as bartender and singer.

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22 A Mellow Bit Of Rhythm Mary Lou Williams, Andy Kirk & His Clouds Of Joy Walkin’ And Swingin 3:19 163 148
One of these addictive energetic tunes that I can’t get enough of.

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21 Long Gone Ray McKinley The Very Best Of 2:38 160 148
Maybe not as good as The Louis Armstrong takes on it, but this is probably more consistently danceable.

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Footnote: – For anyone who doesn’t know the term, BPM is short for Beats Per Minute, and is a standard way for DJs to measure track speed.

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