100 Most-DJ’d Blues Tracks: 30 – 21

Into the top 30! Some truly classic songs this week – purely for your enjoyment. And be sure to listen to this week’s songs on MixCloud! More after the fold…

As I’ve been DJing since 2007, and have had a pretty steep learning curve in that time, this will probably throw up some bizarre choices and guilty secrets. Where possible, I’ll put in links where you can listen to the tracks.

These are not necessarily my all-time favourite tracks, though it’s probably not far off it, and I can’t promise they’re all the best blues dance tracks ever. They’re just the ones I’ve played the most over the last thirteen years.
I’ve created a Spotify playlist to host all the tracks (or all the ones on Spotify anyway) – so each week, I’ll add the tracks for the week. You can listen to it here!

  Track Artist Album Time BPM Plays
30 Feelin’ Good J.B. Lenoir Passionate Blues 3:01 114 32
  Have I mentioned how much I love J.B. Lenoir? This is not a cover of the Nina Simone classic. It’s more of a joyful, gorgeously danceable damning indictment of materialism. Blues can be complex. Probably my favourite Lenoir song.

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29 Come on a my house Julie London Ultra-Lounge: Wild Cool & Swingin 2:57 107 32
  Slow sensual – good for slightly more challenging dances.

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28 Feeling Good Nina Simone Movie Killers 2:53 79 33
  A spine-tingling incredible classic song. Someone once tried to convince me that the Michael Bublé version of this song was better. That person is dead to me.

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27 Blues in C Sharp Minor Teddy Wilson / Chu Berry Classic Chu Berry Columbia and Victor Sessions 3:24 101 34
  Boring title. Gorgeously slow building haunting blues. I never tire of it.

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26 Your Heart Is As Black As Night Melody Gardot My One and Only Thrill 2:42 72 35
  The number of slow end-of-the-evening songs I have in this list suggest that I’ve played more evening ends than anything else. But they’re all so great!

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25 Right and Wrong Asylum Street Spankers God’s Favorite Band 4:47 71 35
  I think what sold me on this song was the line: “I ain’t got no problem with Buddha – ‘cos he’s a huge Nirvana Fan”… but it’s a great song, going back and forth from slow build-ups to great crescendos… classic Spankers.

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24 Peel Me a Grape Diana Krall Love Scenes 5:53 88 35
  Gorgeous song, with funny yet high-maintenance vocals.

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23 Kiddio John Lee Hooker Chill Out (Remastered) 3:11 109 37
  Infectiously cheerful courting song – that just gets into my head, and won’t let go. It’s hard to listen to this just the once.

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22 Bad Spell Blues Ottilie Patterson With Chris Barber’s Jazz Band Blues Book and Beyond 4:00 56 37
  The first Ottilie Patterson song I ever heard – and still the greatest. This song sends shivers up and down my spine every time I hear it.

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21 I Love the Life I Live Buddy Guy Blues Singer 2:46 101 38
  There’s a lot of great versions of this song. This one stands out for me though, especially for dancing – the economy of it, the wonderful guitar rhythms… Buddy Guy’s singing – it just comes together.

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