Jazz Rhythm – a New Favourite Website / Resource

I was actually just looking for some recordings from the wonderfully named Club Hangover, and Google brought me here. Started in 1998, and run by the gentleman above – Dave Radlauer – there’s an incredible wealth of information to be found here about Jazz, Swing, and many of the great artists.

There’s a lot of recordings, some quite rare, freely available on the site – but the cream on the cake, so to speak, is the huge number of episodes of Jazz Rhythm – Dave Radlauer’s radio show – to be heard here. I could happily listen to these all day – if you want to listen to a lot of great music, including some very rare recordings, while learning more about the music and musicians – there can’t be many better, or more entertaining ways than listening to these. I’ve also been exchanging a few emails with Mr Radlauer – and he has been extremely friendly and helpful with my various queries. Always a good sign.

Also – if you do end up spending much time on there, I would suggest making use of the “Tip Jar” section. A resource like this is to be cherished.



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