Two of the Greats

Jumping back in time from my last post – I just stumbled across this one: Earl “Fatha” Hines and Teddy Wilson having a bit of an ideas-trading session playing All of Me. If you’ve not come across either of these guys before – and I can guarantee that if you’ve danced to many of my sets, you’ll have heard a lot of both. Teddy Wilson played with many of the greats, including Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman (he was a regular member of the Benny Goodman Quartet, in its many incarnations)
He was also one of the first black musicians to feature prominently with Benny Goodman (who, according to some stories, had initially to be shamed into putting Wilson into public performances with the quartet, despite using him for many recording sessions) Earl Hines was another jazz giant, and is regarded by many as one of the most influential of the early jazz pianists.
[youtube_sc url=”” width=”760″]

For a couple of fun extras, here’s a much younger Teddy Wilson playing with Benny Goodman, Lional Hampton and Gene Krupa.

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”760″]

And here’s Earl Hines playing a Boogie St Louis Blues.

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”760″]



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