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Time for another couple of playlists. I’m in that happy post-blues-weekend place, with a little time at leisure, so it’s time for a long-overdue post or too. I’m aware also that it’s been far too long since I updated the blog, and that the blues content of is somewhat lacking so far… so to kill two birds with one stone, here’s some of the music I’ve been playing at DJam Blues this weekend. Please forgive the fact that I’ve omitted the track lengths – my logs are currently lacking that vital piece of information, and I’m not sure it’s worth the effort of filling it in by hand. That should be rectified for the next time I publish a playlist.

Friday Night

We had a nice mixture of people to the event – from brand-new blues dancers, through to some very experienced old hands. My focus in this set was on energising the room, but without making the music too challenging – in essence, to play a nice solid set of tunes and rhythms to gently get the atmosphere going, but without relying on too many classics that the other DJs might want to play. All in all, I was very happy with the outcome.

Title Artist Speed
Why Don’t You Do Right Di Anne Price 79.0
W-O-M-A-N – Etta James Etta James 79.0
Junker’s Blues Champion Jack Dupree 104.0
No Place To Go Fleetwood Mac 73.0
Blues Around Midnight Lowell Fulson 81.0
Love Is The Only Thing Aretha Franklin 82.0
Harlem Nocturne Johnny Otis 87.0
After Hours Erskine Hawkins 83.0
Give Me One Reason Earl Thomas 93.0
Back O Town Blues Catherine Russell 75.0
I’m Bad John Lee Hooker 65.0
Sinkin’ Soon Norah Jones 93.0
Lonely Avenue Ray Charles 73.0
Down Home Girl Alvin Robinson 104.0
Pocket Full Of Money Frank Frost 120.0
Spoonful Howlin’ Wolf 117.0
Stop This World Diana Krall 78.0
Upsettin’ Me Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 65.0
Fever Di Anne Price 94.0
Jilted The Puppini Sisters 99.8
Good Day For The Blues Ruth Brown 58.0
You Don’t Have To Go Brother Yusef 79.0


Saturday Night

A longer set on the Saturday, with more competitions to break things up. Extended breaks like that can sometimes disrupt the atmosphere you’ve been working so hard to build up, so it helps to be aware that that might happen, and have some good crowd-pleasers ready to get things back on track. Organising a snowball can help too, but we didn’t need that here.

My main set had ended a little before eleven, with Screaming Jay’s wonderful I am The Cool. At the point I picked up again, it was packing up time – the wee small hours, with  a few of us die-hards left relaxing, chatting and enjoying the music. I put on a last few slow mellow tracks to bring the evening to a suitable close… and everyone got up and started dancing again. There’s a time when people just want something slow, beautful and undemanding to dance to, and the last few tracks hit that spot perfectly.

Title Artist Speed
Love Me Like A River Does Melody Gardot 51.8
Death Came a Knockin’ David Keogh/Adrienne Adair 70.0
Hello, San Francisco (Part I) Sugar Pie DeSanto 68.0
Sad Blues Sammy Price 82.0
I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl Nina Simone 66.0
Door To Door Blues Champion Jack Dupree 50.9
Froggy Bottom (Take 2) Kansas City Band 102.0
Home Lovin’ Man Eric Bibb 89.5
Rigo’s Blues Tom Rigney 86.0
Six O’clock Blues (With Charli Eric Bibb 68.7
(No, No) I’m Losing You Aretha Franklin 56.0
Long John Di Anne Price 64.0
I Cried Like a Baby Koko Taylor 61.0
Black and Blue Blues Sammy Price 78.0
A Little Bit Independent Putney Dandridge 105.0
That’s My Baby Willie Dixon And Memphis Slim 79.0
Nobody Loves You Like Me Etta James 115.0
Devil With The Blue Dress Shorty Long 107.0
He Made A Woman Out Of Me Ry Cooder 112.0
Tobacco Road Lou Rawls 86.1
Slow Walk Various Artists 98.0
Louisiana Medicine Man Coco Robicheaux, Maria Muldaur, New Orleans Musicians’ Clini 97.0
Heart attack and vine tom waits 90.5
Shoes Of Another Man Brother Yusef 99.0
Hot Potato Circus Contraption 92.0
Sneakin’ Up On You Peggy Lee 95.0
Tramp Lowell Fulson 111.0
Bacon Fat Andre Williams 103.0
Bad Luck Everywhere You Go C.w. Stoneking 82.0
I Heard The Angels Singin Eric Bibb 107.8
Too Much Boogie John Lee Hooker 111.0
My Handy Man Ain’t Handy No More Alberta Hunter 80.0
Don’t You Feel My Leg (Don’t You Make Me High) Blu Lu Barker, Maria Muldaur, New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic 76.0
That’s All RIght Di Anne Price 86.0
That Did It Bobby Blue Bland 65.0
Just Make Love To Me Muddy Waters 77.0
Feeling Good Nina Simone 79.0
To Hell with Love Di Anne Price 100.0
Come On In My Kitchen Porterdavis 78.0
I Am the Cool Screamin’ Jay Hawkins 104.0
Night Train Buddy Morrow 83.0
Step by Step L. A. Blues Alliance 53.0
Your Heart Is As Black As Night Melody Gardot 72.0
Dance Me To The End Of Love (W Eric Bibb 44.3
Knock 123 Imelda May 44.5
Love Me Like A River Does Melody Gardot 51.8

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