100 Most-DJ’d Swing Tracks: 50 – 41

Week six! We’re into the top fifty… and this week, it’s different!

To celebrate the fact that I’ve reached the top fifty tracks – I’ve decided to accompany the remaining posts in this series with a radio show on MixCloud – and you can listen to it here!

I’ve also created a Spotify playlist to host all the tracks (or all the ones i can find on Spotify anyway) – and each week, I’ll keep adding the tracks for the week. You can find it here!

  Track Artist Album Time BPM Plays
50 Sad Sap Sucker Am I Fats Waller You’re My Dish 3:07 145 105
  Starting off the top fifty, a fun, gentle, Fats Waller classic.

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49 A Vipers Moan Willie Bryant Dope & Glory – Reefer Songs 3:24 152 106
  A nice mellow dancers’ favourite. I’m sure the fact that ‘Viper’ was a slang term for ‘dope smoker’ has nothing to do with the mellow side of things. Moving on…

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48 Potomac Jump Harry Parry’s Radio Rhythm Club Sextet Crazy Rhythm 3:19 161 106
  Harry Parry that rarest of breeds – a great Welsh jazz clarinetist. I’ve always loved this track, both for Lindy and Balboa.

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47 Shufflin’ and Rollin’ Buddy Johnson The Very Best of Buddy Johnson 3:11 154 108
  High energy, mid-tempo jump blues, great for getting a dance floor really fired up. Just make sure you have a good follow-up ready.

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46 Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop Lionel Hampton Complete Jazz Series 1945 – 1946 3:19 137 110
  Speaking of high energy numbers, here’s another from the great vibes player Lionel Hampton.

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45 Whatcha Know Joe Tommy Dorsey & Jo Stafford The One and Only 3:26 163 110
  Tommy Dorsey – a punchy little tune, with Jo Stafford’s wonderful rhythmic swinging vocals on call and response. These days, I’d probably play more of Lunceford’s version, but this one’s still greaty.

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44 I Like Pie, I Like Cake Jeter – Pillars “Club Plantation” Orchestra The Territory Bands, 1935 – 1937 2:53 158 111
  The Four Clef’s version is an overplayed swing dance staple – but these days, this is the only one I play I love the little subtleties in it – it’s gentler, but far more fun, and the … extra overtones sound a little less overdone.

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43 Shoot the Sherbert to Me, Herbert Tommy Dorsey Historic Jazz Recordings, Volume 4 3:14 145 111
  Yes – this song is definitely about confectionary. No drugs references here. Moving on…

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42 I Diddle Dinah Washington The Essence Of Dinah Washington 3:03 140 112
  This goes on the list of ‘stuff I used to play before I knew more about swing’ – but it’s still a great tune.

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41 Your Feet’s Too Big Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen The Very Best Of Kenny Ball 3:09 136 112
  A fun version of the Fred Fischer classic from the late great Kenny Ball. Supposedly, “pedal extremities” lines were initially ad-libbed by Fats Waller.

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Footnote: – For anyone who doesn’t know the term, BPM is short for Beats Per Minute, and is a standard way for DJs to measure track speed.

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