100 Most-DJ’d Blues Tracks: 60 – 51

Fifth in the lockdown countdown series! We’ve hit the half-way point. Ten more wonderful blues dancing tracks for you after the fold…

As I’ve been DJing since 2007, and have had a pretty steep learning curve in that time, this will probably throw up some bizarre choices and guilty secrets. Where possible, I’ll put in links where you can listen to the tracks.

These are not necessarily my all-time favourite tracks, though it’s probably not far off it, and I can’t promise they’re all the best blues dance tracks ever. They’re just the ones I’ve played the most over the last thirteen years.
I’ve created a Spotify playlist to host all the tracks (or all the ones on Spotify anyway) – so each week, I’ll add the tracks for the week. You can listen to it here!

  Track Artist Album Time BPM Plays
60 Axe and The Wind George Wild Child Butler Boss Of The Chicago Blues 2:29 99 23
  A fun upbeat funky blues number. A nice reliable number for blues DJing.

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59 St. Gabriel Marcia Ball Blue House 6:18 38 24
  On the other end of the spectrum – a sleepy end-of-the-night ballad.

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58 Heart Attack and Vine Tom Waits Heart Attack and Vine 4:43 90 24
  I used to have a regular argument with a friend about Tom Waits. My take: “Musical genius”. His take: “Drunken old bum”. It’s possible we’re both right – but either way, this song is incredible.

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57 Extremely Cool Chuck E. Weiss Extremely Cool 4:45 76 24
  A chilled out bragging song that live up to its name. Also extremely fun.

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56 Daddy, Goodbye Blues Allison Moorer Mockingbird 3:59 74 24
  Gorgeous country blues.

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55 W-O-M-A-N Etta James Roll Your Moneymaker – Black Rock’n’Roll 1948-58 2:43 79 25
  Classic version, classic song,

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54 Rattlin’ Bones Preservation Hall Jazz Band That’s It! 3:19 107 25
  Perfect slow jazzy and fun Halloween song from the lengendary Preservation Hall band.

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53 She’s Dynamite Mickey Baker The Blues And Me (1973-1976) 3:19 65 26
  Oh – how much do I love Mickey Baker… and this is a wonderful rhythmic guitar and harp-based slow blues.

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52 Lordy Lord It Hurts So Bad Ottilie Patterson With Chris Barber’s Jazz Band Blues Book and Beyond 2:16 62 26
  Ottilie Paterson. What a voice. I cannot ever hear too much of Ottilie Paterson. With Chris Barber, she recorded some of the most wonderful blues tracks – in fact – just buy this whole album. You won’t regret it.

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51 Fever Di Anne Price Taking the Blues in Stride 5:10 94 26
  Wonderful stride pianist, and amazing voice – when I first heard of Di Anne Price, I went on a listening spree, and ended up pretty much everything. I confess – I’m not a great fan of Fever these days, but Di Anne Price’s version I can listen to ‘till the cows come home.

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