Think You’ve Seen Hellzapoppin? Think Again…

Since I made the re-edited version of the Hellzapoppin’ dance scene – the greatest swing dance scene ever to grace the cinema screen, Atilio Menéndez has found, and generously made available, an incredible high definition version of the scene – and it looks absolutely beautiful. The frame rate is better too, which means it feels far smoother, as well as looking far more detailed.

Of course – it probably goes without saying that I had to repeat the rephrasing exercise. I quickly realised that there were places I could improve on what I’d done last time – and I hope I’ve done it better justice than before.

I’ve also added a full set of credits to the end – I really regret not doing this last time, as the incredible artists in this scene deserve more than some credits on a YouTube description.

So many thanks to Atilio Menéndez for finding and sharing this amazing version, and to the incredible DJ Stephan Wuthe for identifying all the musicians that I didn’t know.

Enough talking. Enjoy the show.

Hellzapoppin' - rephrased, in 1080p


  1. Al Mattei said:

    I always wondered who that drummer was!

    May 20th, 2019
  2. […] La mítica escena de Lindy Hop en Hellzapoppin’, restaurada a máxima resolución, y resincronizada para que la imagen coincida exactamente con el audio (Thanks a lot Atilio Menéndez and Andy from Swing and Blues Corner!) […]

    Apr 3rd, 2020

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