Swing Summit 2017 Set List

We’re recently back from a wonderful week at Swing Summit (after five visits, still my favourite dance camp) – and as usual, I did a fair amount of DJing. I promised I’d put a set list up from one of those sessions, and this is it.

This was from the Saturday night, starting around midnight, and I’d say people weren’t in a high-energy mood. Up for dancing, but it wasn’t generally a crazy week, and this night was no exception – so I was playing it a little cautiously, but overall, things went well.

A few notes. Well All Right – I’ve only started playing this one recently, and it’s a great low-speed energy track. My favourite version is from Harry James, but I haven’t a recording of a good enough quality to play (and believe me, I have tried)
East Side Kick follows on beautifully from that – they’re just two songs that work well together. It’s another recent favourite, and … I adore this track. I find it unusually poignant for a swing track, with almost a tinge of sadness to it at times, but it swings like crazy, and ramps up the energy for a wonderful ending.

If it were possibly to overplay Bob Crosby, then he’s probably a bit overplayed in this set. Luckily, you can’t overplay Bob Crosby, so all is well.

Three Little Fishes – that version is an old favourite. Very much a slow burn – the worst thing about that version is that the beginning is very muffled and quiet, which is a little off putting for dancers. I often turn up the volume for the first couple of phrases, until it gets going properly.

In The Mood – well – losing points because … In The Mood. Regaining points because Bob Crosby. I had to edit a section where something went a little funky with the recording, and part of a phrase seemed to get lost.

Big Mama’s Back in  Town – I love that box set, but there’s very little on it that’s working for me for DJing. This, luckily, is one that does – and it’s Louis Armstrong and Velma Middleton on absolute top form. A great, cheerful, exultant energy song.

This Bucket’s Got A Hole In It – same box set, similarly wonderful. However – the band takes a break / applause point mid-song, which really does not work for DJing – particularly as the song doesn’t feel complete – so you can’t just stop it at that point. I’ve managed to edit most of that out, and make it sound like a slightly unusual break.

Gimme a Pigfoot – I used to overplay this one a lot – but haven’t used it much for a while. Nice to reconnect with it.

Grand Terrace – another one I currently overuse. It is a great atmosphere builder – a slow track with a lovely chunky rhythm section, filled with barely restrained energy which builds and builds.

The Goon Came On – an old favourite, and I continually try to work out what it’s actually about – the lyrics have me a little confused. One day I’ll figure it out.

I Like Pie – I’ve long ago gone off that song. This version, on the other hand, I could play forever.

Wang Wang Blues – a great track, but with an over long initial few phrases that I find especially dull. Given my short attention span, I edited those sections down the bare minimum – so we can get to the exciting bit more quickly.

All in all, a nice relaxed set – and I very much enjoyed this one.

Title Artist Album Length Speed
Well All Right Tommy Dorsey The Remarkable Tommy Dorsey 3:11 152.0
East Side Kick Woody Herman Woody Herman 3:23 156.0
Ain’t Misbehavin’ Frankie Trumbauer Happy Feet 3:23 130.0
Four Or Five Times Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orchestra Classic Jazz – The World’s Greatest Jazz Collection 1917-193 3:16 127.0
Swingin’ On Nothing Bob Crosby Jazz Masters 2:55 132.0
Little Joe From Chicago Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy Swingin’ Swanee Presents Wild Party 2:52 142.0
Three Little Fishes The Mills Brothers The Very Best of the Mills Brothers 2:37 153.0
Take It From The Top Ella Fitzgerald & Her Famous Orchestra Complete Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald Decca Sessions (1934-1941) (disc 7) 2:57 161.0
In The Mood (Straycat Edit) Bob Crosby 1937/40 Broadcasts 2:36 170.0
Big Mama’s Back In Town Louis Armstrong & All His Stars Columbia And RCA Victor Live Recordings Of Louis Armstrong And The All Stars [Disc 8] 3:10 168.0
Rag Mop Bob Crosby and the Bobcats Bob Crosby and the Bobcats: The Complete Standard Transcript 2:15 161.0
Study In Red Larry Clinton Studies In Clinton 3:15 166.0
The Bucket’s Got A Hole In It (Straycat Edit) Louis Armstrong & All His Stars Columbia And RCA Victor Live Recordings Of Louis Armstrong And The All Stars [Disc 5] 3:57 149.0
Six Appeal (My Daddy Rocks Me) Benny Goodman;Charlie Christian;Benny Goodman Sextet Guitar & Bass 3:18 145.0
Gimme A Pigfoot LaVern Baker Precious Memories / LaVern Sings Bessie Smith 3:09 120.0
Grand Terrace Bob Crosby & His Orchestra Stomp Off Let’s Go! 3:00 133.0
One O’Clock Jump Ben Webster Ben Webster: Jazz Explosion, Vol. 1 3:35 145.9
I Like Pie, I Like Cake Jeter – Pillars “Club Plantation” Orchestra The Territory Bands, 1935 – 1937 2:53 158.0
A Blue Serge Suit Cab Calloway & His Orchestra Jazz Masters: The Jumpin’ Jive 2:37 162.0
The Goon Drag (Gone Wid de Goon) Sam Price & His Texas Bluesicians Classic 1936-1947 Count Basie and Lester Young Studio Sessions 3:14 143.0
The Goon Came On (GG) Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra The Complete Jimmie Lunceford Decca Sessions [Disc 6] 2:22 144.0
That’s How I Feel Today Jay Higginbotham St. Louis Blues (Best Of) 2:35 156.0
Harlem Holiday Cab Calloway Complete Jazz Series 1932 2:52 145.0
Wang Wang Blues (Straycat Edit) Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band Kid Ory New Orleans Jazz Man 3:47 154.0
Turk’s Blues (Social Polecat) Turk Murphy’s Jazz Band Favorites 3:00 118.0
Rock It for Me (Remastered) Chick Webb and His Orchestra Last Collection (Best Songs Remastered) 3:06 114.0
Slow Cookin’ (Reprise) Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles High-Fidelity 3:43 137.9

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