Yes, I Did Another Mashup

I don’t really know why I do these. I think I have a certain awe for the people who can somehow see links between pieces of seemingly incongruous music, and make them work – so it pretty much goes without saying that I should try to do the same thing myself.

Anyway – I’ve always loved the Hudson Delange Orchestra – they played some great songs, including my favourite version of Mr Ghost – but their Definition of Swing has always bugged me, because it does have some amazing swinging sections once it gets going, but the pianist seems determined to remove every ounce of dancing potential the song might have by trying to send a single-note message in Morse Code all the way through. You mileage may vary.

And then I watched Luke Cage (which I highly recommend) – and on came O.D.B’s Shimmy Shimmy Ya – which is obviously a spiritual successor to Definition of Swing.

As you can clearly see for yourself.

1937 Hudson-DeLange - Definition Of Swing (instrumental)

Anyway – that was when this mashup happened.

For which I can only apologise, and promise that it won’t happen again.

Until the next time….


  1. Hey Andy, very nice Mash Up again! I really enjoyed your previous one ‘Jeep Jockey Jumparound’, and this one has something to it as well! Is there any possibility of getting the MP3?

    Nov 6th, 2016
  2. kibble said:

    This is so much fun!! Thanks Andy, I’m enjoying listening to this 🙂

    Nov 15th, 2016

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