Swing Summit 2015 Set List

Swing Summit 2015 - Group 3
Swing Summit

Swing Summit this year was, for me, the best Swing Summit yet. Given that Swing Summit is never anything less than inspirational, that’s a pretty big thing. If you’re focussed on learning and improving your dance, this is the one to go to – if could spend all summer there, I probably would.

Anyway – I promised I’d publish a setlist from the Sunday night, so here it is.

Straycat Edits: That Wang Wang blues has an overly long and dull intro before it gets to the fun part, so I chopped that in half. That version of Joshua has … some pretty awful fanfares. OK – so some people do like them, but they make my skin crawl… so it’s either remove the horrible noise, or not play the track. And the rest of the track is awesome, hence the edit.

Apart from that, it’s a fairly standard set for me – playing things a little safe, as it was my first set of the event. Still a lot of fun to play.


Title Length Speed Artist
Woke Up Clipped 03:09 111 Ben Webster
Blue Drag 02:51 113 The Gypsy Hombres
Summit Ridge Drive 03:19 130 Artie Shaw
A Chocolate Sundae On A Saturday Night 02:41 132 Pat Flowers
Mop Mop 02:43 144 Jennie Lobel & Swing Kings
Everybody Loves My Baby 03:11 149 Sippie Wallace
I Like Pie, I Like Cake 02:53 158 Jeter – Pillars “Club Plantation” Orchestra
Study In Blue 03:12 159 Larry Clinton
A Little Bit Later On 03:03 166 Chick Webb and His Orchestra Feat. Ella Fitzgerald
Rattle And Roll (Basie-Goodman-Clayton) 03:13 180 Benny Goodman (clarinette) et son orchestre
Skinny Minne (Take 2) 03:03 167 Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven
Wailing Blues 03:21 154 Wingy Manone
Blue Drag 03:02 140 Earl Hines
Four Or Five Times 03:16 127 Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orchestra
Where Have You Been? 02:57 142 Bud Freeman
Sad Sap Sucker I Am 03:07 145 Fats Waller
Wang Wang Blues (Straycat Edit) 03:47 154 Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band
Joshua (Straycat Edit) 02:29 162 Ralph Flanagan
A Case of the Blues 02:52 166 Glenn Crytzer’s Savoy Seven
Functionizin’ 03:10 173 Fats Waller
Dallas Blues 03:05 183 Woody Herman
Oakland To Burbank 03:08 155 Ray Noble
T’Ain’t What You Do 03:07 159 Jimmie Lunceford
Turk’s Blues (Social Polecat) 03:00 118 Turk Murphy’s Jazz Band
Hawk 06:00 126 Kyoichi Watanabe
Swingin’ On Nothing 02:55 132 Bob Crosby
The Goon Came On 02:22 144 Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra
Hoodle Addle 02:43 146 Ray McKinley
A Vipers Moan 03:24 152 Willie Bryant
Take It From The Top 02:57 161 Ella Fitzgerald & Her Famous Orchestra
You Hit My Heart With A Bang 02:43 169 Bob Zurke
Shoot the Sherbert to Me, Herbert 03:14 145 Tommy Dorsey
Bouncin’ Around – Philippe Brun 03:17 131 Philippe Brun
Between 18th And 19th On Chestnut Street 02:55 135 Charlie Barnet
Miss Martingale 03:18 143 Hot Lips Page
Wallingford Wiggles 04:37 120 Glenn Crytzer And His Syncopators
Splanky 03:36 124 Count Basie

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