Album Recommendation: Chick Webb 1939

Chick Webb 1939Chick Webb is one of my favourite swing musicians. Battling through health problems and spinal deformities caused by childhood tuberculosis of the spine, Considered by many to be the best swing drummer that ever lived (he was idolised by Gene Krupa, while Buddy Rich referred to him as “the daddy of them all”), Chick’s orchestra was the main house band at the Savoy Ballroom from 1931 – so in essence, he was playing for dancers in the most legendary Lindy venue of them all.

This particular CD is only recently back in circulation, having been out of print for a while, and features two radio broadcast shows recorded shortly before his death from TB (the second was only a month before he died) While much of his recorded work in the last two years of his life were lacking the energy and excitement of his best music, there’s evidence that his live performances still had it – and this CD goes a long way to demonstrate that.

So – for a taste of Chick Webb live, and some great dance music to boot, I’d highly recommend this one. Gave a listen here on Spotify, or grab it from Amazon, iTunes or eMusic!

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