The Unforgettable Hampton Family

Dawn Hampton has been an extraordinary character and inspirational figure on the Lindy Hop scene for what might as well be forever. If you’ve been to Herrang, or any number of Lindy events or venue round the world, you’ll know her, and you can find any number of clips on YouTube of her. She’s frequently mentioned her father’s band, Deacon Hampton’s Pickaninny Band, and I was recently trying to find out a little more about them, when I stumbled upon Julie Cohen’s documentary on Vimeo: The Unforgettable Hampton Family.

It’s a wonderful glimpse of times gone by, and a great look at Dawn’s life and that of her family… and best of all, it’s freely available on Vimeo. So here you are!

The Unforgettable Hampton Family from BetterThanFiction Productions on Vimeo.


[EDIT] To my joy, I’ve just found another bit of compulsory viewing from the same stable. So here you go – the Frankie Manning documentary: Never Stop Swinging

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