Mashup Time Take 2

House of Miller

I really wasn’t going to do this… but having just played the first incarnation of my first and only mashup attempt Jeep Jockey Jumparound to a friend (and jazz musician) to a far more enthusiastic response than I’d thought it deserved, while at the same time hearing again a lot of the problems with it, I was inspired to have a go at an improved version. I’ve tried two things: cleaning it up somewhat (read: removing a few bits that detracted from it) and tightening up some of the timing – particularly trying to get the vocals more in sync with the original track, which involved a lot of shifting things to around in very small ways plus a little time-stretching here and there.

Overall, I’m much happier with the result – but I still don’t think I’ll be doing another one.

So here you go! Jeep Jockey Jumparound… Mark II

Jeep Jockey Jumparound


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