Sound Quality

Retro SpeakerI often say that music can make or break a swing dance event. Sound quality can do the same. We play a lot of old recordings, and the sound quality is far too often not what we’d like it to be. Combine that with a bad sound-setup, and it can make for a dancing nightmare. It’s very hard to dance even to a song I know backwards, when the sound setup is so bad I can barely hear the basic beat… and I’ve experienced this at a few events over the last few years.

Audio professionals will probably roll their eyes at this, because what I’m saying is so basic, but in the swing dance world very few of us have that kind of technical background, and learn as we go. So please – sound-check the people get there, and keep paying attention to the floor throughout an event. Remember that the dynamics change when you fill a room with people, and that you need to keep paying attention to the sound quality throughout an event, in case anything changes, and you need to make adjustments.

Your dancers will be happier for it. And happy dancers are repeat customers…

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