Music of the Moment, Part 1

A few people are doing a Track of the Week, or some such – and I really can’t see myself sticking to that week on week. I think I’m better off with some Music of the Moment, where I post one or more tracks that I particularly like, without committing to any particular schedule.

Anyway – something low-key for the first one – Putney Dandridge with A Little Bit Independent

A Little Bit Independent

This is a beautiful little track from the mid-30s, with some gorgeous quirky rhythms coming from the delicate piano style, Roy Eldridge’s trumpet, and Putney’s distinctive vocals – he didn’t have the most melodic voice, but it suits this song so well. To me, the track comes across as just a touch melancholic, which somehow works – but I’m not sure if everyone gets the same feeling from it.

I initially assumed it was Putney Dandridge on piano, but the lightness of touch is extremely reminiscent of Teddy Wilson, who is credited on the album. Lacking  the liner notes, I can’t say for sure which of the two it was.

While I’m with Putney, here’s another more up-tempo offering from the same line-up – Here Comes Your Pappy. There’s an infectious cheerful energy to this one that’s hard to beat.

Here Comes Your Pappy (With The Wrong Kind Of Load)

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  1. dogpossum said:

    Oo! I know the first one! Band: Putney Dandridge and his Orchestra (Richard Clarke, Tom Mace, Teddy Wilson, Dave Barbour, Grachan Moncur, Cozy Cole) I’m almost certain it’s Wilson playing piano… although, I’m pretty awful at picking musicians, so I’m probably wrong.

    I fricking LOVE that song ‘Here Comes your Pappy’. There are some brilliant musicians in those Dandridge recordings.

    I like Dandridge, but I found some of his songs where he imitates Fats Waller really annoying. I like his vibrato, though, and I love ‘Chasing Shadow’s (which Trev put me onto).

    Jun 4th, 2011

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